lørdag 21. mars 2015

Svikere, kulturmarxister og slikt

Ian Buruma har anmeldt Åsne Seierstads bok om ABB:

...what about the ideas that inspired Breivik? To be sure, the likes of Spencer, Wilders or Bruce Bawer do not preach violent revolution. They never told anyone to kill a Muslim, let alone a “cultural Marxist”. But their talk of war, of a Muslim threat to our civilisation, “Eurabia” and of the complicity of cultural elites in our imminent downfall, does create a toxic climate in which fantasists such as Breivik can find a justification for their horrible deeds.

Knapt 4 år etter 22. juli har også Hege Storhaug begynt å bable om svikere. Det er faen meg helt sjukt.

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