tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Myter trumfer fakta

Hva britiske muslimer selv sier:

  • 82% of Muslims want to live in diverse and mixed neighbourhoods compared to 63% of non-Muslim Britons.
  • 83% of Muslims are proud to be a British citizen, compared to 79% of the general public.
  • 86.4% of Muslims feel they belong in Britain, slightly more than the 85.9% of Christians.
  Hva andre briter tror om muslimer:
  • Only 28% of Britons believe Muslims want to integrate into British society.
  • 45% of Britons admit that they think there are too many Muslims in Britain.
  • 55% of Britons would be concerned if a mosque was built in their area.
(fra the Guardian)

Spørsmålet blir: Hvem er det som ikke vil bli integrert?

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