tirsdag 21. februar 2012

Bruce Bawer - ignorant and vicious

Hans Rustad claimed that author Bruce Bawer has been systematically ignored by Norwegian media. This is indeed a strange claim. Recently Trond Berg Eriksen (professor in the history of ideas) reviewed Bawer's book over an entire page in the leading daily Aftenposten (19 February), and the professor is not impressed: "I have never read anything like it", and continues:

Bawer's pamphlet is really a desperate attempt to distance himself from the mass murderer [Anders Behring Breivik] who refers to him repeatedly, and an equally desperate attempt at associating himself with the decent and sincere Hege Storhaug - only referred to as Hege. She deserved better.
His construction of a historical continuity from the old to the new Quisling, is more than fanciful. It is ignorant and vicious.
Professor Eriksen is moderately conservative. He has been critical of islamic scholars such as Tariq Ramadan and his publications include at least one volume about anti-judaism.

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Nils Henriksen sa...

First off - I refuse to speak English on a Norwegian blog. That is too silly.

Når det gjelder ABB og Bawer, husket professor Eriksen å ta med at ABB tok avstand fra Bawer hos Document? ABB mente at Bawer var for ustabil siden han er homofil.

I motsetning til professoren mener jeg at Bawer har skrevet en meget god bok som mange burde lese.

Doremus sa...

Har du fått med deg dette intervjuet med Menighetsfakultetets svar på Bruce Bawer?


Konrad sa...

Bawer skriver drit på engelsk (ikke på norsk), da skriver også jeg drit om Bawer på engelsk.