tirsdag 23. august 2011

Israeli-Arab Crisis Approaching, by George Friedman

Anerkjennelsen av en palestinsk er prinsippielt riktig, men kan fremtvinge en ny regional krise midt blant tre-fire andre regionale kriser, skriver George Friedman.

Nations are created by historical circumstances, and those circumstances have given rise to a Palestinian nation. Under the principle of the United Nations and the theory of the right to national self-determination, which is the moral foundation of the modern theory of nationalism, a nation has a right to a state, and that state has a place in the family of nations. (...)

However, when the United Nations votes on Palestinian statehood, it will intersect with other realities and other historical processes. First, it is one thing to declare a Palestinian state; it is quite another thing to create one. The Palestinians are deeply divided between two views of what the Palestinian nation ought to be, a division not easily overcome.

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